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Kia B.R.A.K.E.S. Program Teaches Teens Defensive Driving

The Kia B.R.A.K.E.S. Program is an effective method of teaching teenagers the the rules of the road.

Teach your kids the B.R.A.K.E.S.

Kia is looking to help teenagers become better drivers. Currently, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for 14-18 year olds in the United States. To help more teenagers learn safer driving habits, Kia continues to offer the Kia B.R.A.K.E.S. Program, a driving school that offers free advanced driver training for teenagers.

“Kia is dedicated to making roads safer and giving back to the communities we call home,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America. “We are determined to help reduce the number of distracted driving accidents by working with B.R.A.K.E.S. to provide teens with the tools they need to be safer, better trained drivers behind the wheel.”

This new program helps teenagers learn more defensive driving techniques, providing 300 students during the month of April with important driving instruction. So far, more than 15,000 teenagers have graduated from the intensive half-day training course. The Kia B.R.A.K.E.S. Program includes instruction on reducing distracted driving, using the anti-lock braking system, evasive maneuvering, and skid-control practice.

For more information on the Kia B.R.A.K.E.S. Program, contact Kia of Augusta today!

2015 Kia Soul EV Best Value in America

The 2015 Kia Soul EV is continuing its rampage through the electric vehicle market and it shows no sign of slowing down. Vincentric, a company that analyzes cost-of-ownership data in the automotive industry, awarded the vehicle the “Best Value in America” award. The award reinforces Kia’s commitment to customers.

“The Soul EV, our first all-electric zero-emissions vehicle for the U.S. market continues that commitment. It offers iconic design, the best range of any vehicle in its class and superbly practical packaging, all at an affordable price. Being honored as a ‘Best Value in America’ by Vincentric is validation of Kia’s winning formula,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning for Kia Motors America.

Vincentric awards the Best Value in America after analyzing eight cost factors. These factors include fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, taxes and fees, and opportunity cost. Vehicles are analyzed in every state and DC. Once the results were in, the Kia Soul EV was the clear winner in the Electric/Plug-in Hybrid category.

“As a first time winner of the ‘Best Value in America’ awards, the Kia Soul EV rose above the competition with a total cost of ownership that was more than 9% below expected. Contributing to its performance were low operating costs, which were powered, in part, by a 5-year, 60,000-mile comprehensive warranty,” stated David Wurster, Vincentric President.

Egyptian Kia Anti-Texting PSA Inspires with Novel Concept

There are more road accidents per miles driven in Egypt than anywhere in the world, many of which are likely caused by distracted driving—a plague relatable to us all. One of the leading causes of these accidents is texting while driving.

Kia has put out a new PSA against this impaired form of driving, airing online and in movie theaters in Egypt. The powerful, high-concept spot was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai, which hoped to gain more attention than usual with an artistic concept.

In the Kia anti-texting PSA, we see letters from the alphabet being crunched, shattered, and torn apart—much like what would happen to a vehicle in a collision. You can check out the video here, courtesy of YouTube.

Perhaps eye-catching, thoughtful videos such as this will finally convince some drivers to put down their cell phones. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Consumer Reports’ 2015 Kia Sedona Review Finds Much To Like

Consumer Reports recently spent some time with the 2015 Kia Sedona. The subsequent video showed a test-driver taking the Sedona down country roads and around sharp corners, the family-hauler sailing on the pavement like a good SUV should.

Speaking of sportiness, CR didn’t have “any complaints about the powertrain” when it came to their Kia Sedona review. The 2015 Kia Sedona features a 3.3-liter V6 motor, good for 276 horsepower. That’s heftier than average for the segment.

The Sedona also scored big in the styling department. The minivan’s “prominent nose helps it blend-in” with the more adventurous-type vehicles. On the inside, the Sedona is “upscale and spiffy.”  On the outside, it’s “smooth and sleek.”

With all this talk of styling, it’s good to remember that the 2015 Kia Sedona naturally does what every great minivan does: haul people. It seats eight (unless you choose the option that features two captain seats). The Premium package comes with blind-spot monitoring and other high-tech amenities.

Kia Aims to Defend Pirelli World Challenge Manufacturer Championship

Numbers 36 and 38 are the ones to watch for this season in the Pirelli World Challenge series. Kia Racing’s Mark Wilkins and new team member Ben Clucas are racing to defend the organization’s title as winner of last year’s Pirelli World Challenge Manufacturer Championship.

Since last season ended, Kia’s turbocharged Optimas spent quite a bit of time in the shop where they were completely rebuilt by Kia Racing’s partner, Kinetic Motorsports. Now decked with a new livery and prepared to dazzle with enhanced insides, the dynamic duo returned to the track on March 7th and 8th for their first race of the season in Austin, Texas.

“2015 marks our fourth season competing in the Pirelli World Challenge. In that time, the series has grown dramatically and so, too, has the level of competition, so the team has their work cut out for them in defending the Manufacturer Championship,” said Kia Motors America executive vice president of sales and marketing, Michael Sprague.

“But Kia entered motorsports to showcase the quality, reliability and performance of our cars, and we’ve never shied away from a challenge. The team has worked tirelessly over the winter to maximize the Optima platform, and we look forward to an exciting season.”

The No. 38 B.R.A.K.E.S. Optima turbo was driven by veteran Wilkins in his fourth season racing the sedan, and the No. 36 Optima turbo was driven by Clucas in his Kia Racing debut.

We at Kia of Augusta will continue to follow the Kia Racing team throughout the season. Hopefully, we’ll be announcing them two-time Manufacturer Champions in the Pirelli World Challenge series.

Kia Sportspace Concept Revealed at Geneva Motor Show

Kia came ready to play when it arrived at the Geneva Motor Show, where it presented a lifestyle concept car that has it all. The Kia Sportspace concept revealed an “ignition red”, muscular sport-wagon that is the “ultimate ‘getaway’ car – a thoroughly practical vehicle for everyday business use, yet a stylish and athletic grand tourer in the classic sense – ready to eat up the miles across continents, whether for business or leisure,” according to Kia.

From the front, the muscular lines, familiar tiger-nose, and styled LED headlights appear to be a foreshadowing of the next-gen Optima. The athletic lines give way to a spacious and sophisticated interior. A T-GDI turbocharged direct injection engine capable of 250hp powers the front wheels. The hatchback rear of the four passenger wagon contains the piece de resistance of the concept: a loading system involving 28 steel balls in the cargo floor that allow luggage to glide into the trunk. Once the ignition is turned, the balls retract into the matte leather floor, keeping cargo in its place.

The Sportspace is the latest of the Kia concepts that is built for extracting the maximum from life. Stop by Kia of Augusta and see which adventurous Kia model is right for you!

2015 Kia Soul Features Earn it a Place on the KBB Best Family Cars List

Check out the 2015 Kia Soul features at our Kia dealership in Augusta, GA today.

The appeal of the new Soul weighs heavy on technology

The new Kia Soul is causing quite a stir, especially since it made the KBB Best Family Cars list. Every year Kelly Blue Book puts together a list of the most family-friendly models on the market based on room, fuel economy, price, and safety among other things.

According to KBB, the 2015 Kia Soul features are what make it so attractive for most families. These include satellite radio, UVO connectivity, navigation, a heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, and heated seats among other things.

“Young families just starting out need a versatile, affordable car that can do it all. There aren’t many compact cars that offer the same level of versatility as Kia’s hatch,” said the editors at KBB. “The Soul can take care of business for a family – and it looks good doing it.”

Aside from the deluxe features, the new Soul also has state-of-the-art safety features. These include six airbags, tire-pressure monitoring, and hill-start assist among other things. The new model also comes with an extensive 10-year/100,000 mile warranty to keep your mind at ease.

Kia Soul EV Styling Earns it the Drivers’ Choice Award

As Kia’s first all-electric zero emissions vehicle, the Soul EV was designed to show that going green could be easier (and better-looking) than ever. And it succeeded. The new Soul EV recently won the Drivers’ Choice Award from MotorWeek, one of the industry’s foremost authorities on buyer needs.

So what makes the EV so great? Aside from incredible fuel economy, Kia Soul EV styling is a big factor, according to Kia. Sure, the EV is rated at 105 MPGe, and sure, the EV has 210 lb-ft of torque. But what’s really impressive is that it looks incredibly sporty and modern, taking much of its design from the new standard Soul model.

“As the centerpiece of Kia’s Clean Mobility program, the Soul EV has the best range in its segment, EPA estimated at 93 miles, and it’s been recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for its use of bio-based materials,” said Orth Hedrick, VP of product planning. “MotorWeek’s Best Eco-Friendly Vehicle award is a great honor from a respected source and a powerful endorsement of the Soul EV’s unique blend of range, utility, style and value.”

Aside from looking great, the new model is also designed around comfort. That means more leg room and more space for cargo. Plus, there are four new color choices being offered. With all of these great new features, it’s no wonder the Soul EV was named Drivers’ Choice.

Kia Trail’ster Brings Outdoorsy Spirit to the Chicago Auto Show

Kia has been dropping teaser after hint after teaser for a new concept it would be bringing to the Chicago Auto Show.

The first few details were scarce: all we knew was that the automaker would launch an all-new outdoorsy vehicle based on one of its most popular current models.

Kia then revealed the first image of the concept—a rough-and-tumble version of the Soul compact car—and dropped that it would come an electric AWD powertrain. Needless to say, that raised our eyebrows and got our attention for good at Kia of Augusta.

Finally, the automaker shared yet another image as well as the name of the future vehicle: the Trail’ster. In addition to what we already know, we’ve also learned the Trail’ster would be turbocharged and feature a fully retractable canvas roof.

We finally got to see the Trail’ster in the flesh at last week’s Chicago Auto Show media preview, and we were not disappointed. We can only hope that Kia brings elements of this off-road Soul to its future lineup.

Kia’s Super Bowl Commercial Earns a Spot in AdWeek’s Top Five

When it comes to commercials, there is no bigger stage than the Super Bowl. This year, brands worldwide stepped up their game; from the emotional to the hilarious, the ads (mostly) did not disappoint. Among the top-rated ads was Kia’s Super Bowl commercial, “The Perfect Getaway.”

Ad Week ranks “The Perfect Getaway” as the fourth-best commercial to air during the Super Bowl, a recognition that’s not easy to achieve, thanks to some serious competition. The commercial, which AdWeek calls “perfectly constructed,” pokes fun at Pierce Brosnan and over-the-top Super Bowl ads alike.

In the ad, a director is pitching a commercial idea to Brosnan, who assumes it will be a thriller and not lacking in action. As the pitch happens, Brosnan imagines he’ll be tearing through mountain roads at high-speeds while avoiding snipers, missile launchers, and exploding cabins. Instead, he discovers there “is no mission,” and the commercial features only a leisurely drive through the mountains to an idyllic cabin at the summit.

This is Brosnan, after all, so naturally he does get the girl at the end.

The ad leaves no doubt that the 2016 Kia Sorento can handle just about anything that comes its way, action adventure or not. To learn more about the Sorento and the rest of our capable lineup, stop by Kia of Augusta today!