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No Sacrifice Necessary Thanks to the 2015 Kia Sedona Design

2015 Kia Sedona

The 2015 Kia Sedona

The 2015 Kia Sedona is gaining quite a reputation as being too cool to be a minivan. You heard right. Though technically not a minivan—Kia calls it a “multipurpose vehicle”—the Sedona is redefining the industry with its incredible styling.

Here at Kia of Augusta, we can understand why people like the 2015 Kia Sedona design. According to Detroit News, “by avoiding excessive body cladding between the wheels, squaring off the Sedona’s profile, and moving the wheels closer to the corners, the 2015 edition can pass as a large crossover SUV.”

Don’t worry; the Sedona doesn’t sacrifice comfort for styling. The new model easily holds seven people and features a folding third row with optional First-Class Lounge Seating. Under the hood is the 276 hp V6 which comes standard, getting an average 22 mpg highway.

The Sedona is efficient, comfortable, and looks great. If you’re looking for something with enough room to haul the kids around in but want to avoid the soccer-mom label, it’s the perfect vehicle for you.

Time Travel Made Easy: Sailing a Day Trip in Augusta, GA

As Georgia’s second-largest and second-oldest city, our hometown of Augusta has a lot to offer in the way of pre-American buildings and cultural landmarks. Here at Kia of Augusta, we know you can take a day trip in Augusta via the Canal Discovery Center, where 1-3 hour boat rides make history come alive.

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

In the mid 1800s, many cities were looking for ways to generate power for electric innovations. With tension between the northern and southern states, it was important for cities in Georgia to become independent of Yankee manufacturing. Augusta saw the opportunity to harness the energy of water and took only a year to build the Augusta Canal for this reason.

Petersburgh Boat Tours are available to aid in your journey through the history of the Augusta Canal. Departing from the Canal Discovery Center, the boats view the Powder Works Chimney, Enterprise Mill, and the Savannah Rapids. Special musical tours featuring live bluegrass sail on weekends.

Confederate Powder Works Chimney

One famous landmark on the Petersburgh Boat Tours is the last surviving piece of what used to be a large industrial complex built in 1862. The Confederate Powder Works Chimney still stands as a monument to the southern military effort during the civil war. At 153 feet tall, the Powder Works Chimney was part of 26 buildings that stretched for two miles and produced a total of 2,750,000 pounds of gunpowder. The rest of the complex was short lived, demolished just ten years later at the end of the Civil War.

Do you have a favorite historical spot right here in Augusta that you’d like to highlight for our readers? Leave us a comment, or post to our Facebook page.

2016 Kia Sorento Debut at LA Auto Show Highlights Premium Experience

The Los Angeles Auto Show hosted the US 2016 Kia Sorento debut, where the vehicle was re-revealed after its initial Paris unveiling in September, with only a handful of cosmetic differences from its European counterpart.

American dealerships can expect to see the 2016 Sorento arrive in the first quarter of 2015, with five different trim level options—though pricing has not yet been announced for this luxury vehicle.

The inside of the 2016 Sorento boasts a list of premium features, including heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, driver’s seat thigh extension, and a four-way headrest, with options for premium Nappa leather seating.

According to Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning at KMA, the developmental principles for the 2016 Sorento were to “deliver class-up premium materials and features in a capable, confidence-inspiring CUV,” and he added, “The 2016 Sorento sets a new standard for Kia in the highly competitive mid-size CUV segment.”

Redesigned Kia Sorento to Be Revealed at 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

The 2016 Kia Sorento is headed to Los Angeles, where it will be fully revealed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Kia has released a single teaser image of the exterior of the bigger and better Kia Sorento. From what we can see, it has a distinct new style, with a larger grille and new headlights.

“Beautifully redesigned inside and out, the 2016 Sorento is larger than the previous generation and offers up to three rows of seating,” the Korean automaker said in a statement.

Regarding specific details, Kia is keeping their lips sealed. Other than the SUV’s new bold road presence and larger interior that can accommodate three rows of seating and 17.5% more cargo space than its predecessor, we won’t know much else about the 2016 Sorento. We can expect to get all the juicy details on November 18th, when the Soreto is scheduled to make its big debut in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for clues, you may turn to the European Sorento, which says carries a 2.4-liter gasoline direct injection engine that puts out 182 horsepower. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same engine we’ll see here in the US.

Here at Kia of Augusta, we expect the redesigned Kia Sorento to be the most practical version yet. With unprecedented style, modern technology, and advanced safety features, we’re willing to bet that families of all sizes will be anticipating the Sorento’s arrival!

New Hybrid Kia SUV Is Ready to Conquer Competition

The Kia brand, continuing its successful resurgence, is now looking to conquer the electric vehicle segment, too. A new hybrid Kia SUV will be revealed soon—and Kia hopes that the new vehicle will even challenge the best of the competition, like the Toyota Prius.

The new vehicle will be a small SUV hybrid, situated between the Soul and the Sportage in the SUV range. The entire of the vehicle will be built on the existing Kia Optima, however, and according to Carbuyer, the exterior looks like a smaller version of the Sorento. Basically, it’s an amalgamation of everything that makes the Kia lineup great.

“Our research showed that Prius owners want a hybrid, but aren’t happy with the design. This is the answer to that,” Kia’s head of overseas marketing said. The new Kia will be powered by a 1.6-liter engine and an electric motor, giving it an excellent efficiency rating in return. Come see us at Kia of Augusta to learn more and to view the current Kia lineup for yourself.

Kia Soul Named Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year

Buy the 2014 Kia Soul at Kia of Augusta today.

The Soul was named Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year for the third year in a row.

At first glance, you might not think the 2015 Kia Soul is anything but a funky urban passenger vehicle—but think again. The popular, uniquely styled Soul was recently named a winner at the 11th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year awards for the third year in a row.

“Winning the Active Lifestyle Vehicle award for the third consecutive year speaks to the popularity of the Soul’s young-at-heart personality, good looks, and practicality for active and athletic consumers,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America. “With its eye-catching design, expansive cargo capacity, and premium technology options, the Soul stands out in its segment as a winner for anyone on the move.”

The winners of these awards, which were held at Local Motors in Chandler, Arizona, were decided by neighborhood media and athletes, who found the Soul to be the best vehicle for people who like the urban category. Currently, the Soul is the Korean carmaker’s best-selling model with more than 115,000 units sold this year. With plenty of cargo space and the ability to personalize to fit your needs, it’s easy to see why the car has received so much attention.

If you love living an active lifestyle and are merely looking for the perfect vehicle to support it, stop in to Kia of Augusta today and catch a glimpse of the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year!

Check Out the 2015 Kia Sedona Safety Features

Have you seen the 2015 Kia Sedona safety features? Kia is setting its mark in the minivan segment and is about to heat things up with the new 2015 Sedona. This Sedona has been changed and improved to make it the best of its class. From a new, crossover-inspired design to a remodeling of its interior, the 2015 Sedona is a minivan you just have to see and test drive.

The 2015 Kia Sedona safety features make for a lengthy list. That’s vital to most minivan drivers, as the safety of all your passengers and cargo is essential for a reliable drive. This year’s model has a nice set of standard features, including hill start assist and rear parking sensors. Plus, you’ll find a number of optional features such as a surround-view camera and a front and rear view parking camera. The Sedona can be fitted with features to suit your personal driving needs.

Kia of Augusta could go on and on about the 2015 Sedona, so if this sounds like the family vehicle for you, pay us a visit in Augusta, GA. Our sales department will tell you more!

Lebron James Partners with Kia for a Brand New Promotion

Kia is bringing the face of basketball to its line of luxury sedans.

Lebron James Kia K900

Lebron James is the new spokesperson for the Kia K900.

 Lebron James has signed on with Kia to be the face of the K900’s marketing campaign. He will be the very first Kia “luxury ambassador.” After reaching out to Kia to sample the K900, the company and the basketball player/luxury car enthusiast decided that James would be the best suited person to be the pitchman of Kia’s sedan.

After all, James is pretty fond of the car! Prior to his being signed on, he posted himself on Twitter in the K900 with the phrase: “Rolling around in my K900. Love this car!”

The Kia K900 is a 5.0-liter V8 engine sedan that gets 15 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. The engine’s horsepower breaches the 400 mark, accompanying a 376 ft-lb of torque and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The K900 is all about “at-ease luxury,” lined in leather and equipped with a moon roof and a spacious dashboard. The interior is posh but still relaxed enough to make anyone feel at home inside of it.

Kia of Augusta is excited to see what comes of this new relationship between Kia and the star-studded Lebron James. Will the new hype man bring Kia to new heights? Stay tuned.

Celebrate Kia’s Third Quarter Sales, the Best Third Quarter in 20 Years

From January 1st until September 30th of this year, Kia Motors America has sold 445,017 vehicles. Over 40,000 of those vehicles were sold during September alone, helping the brand record its best-ever third quarter sales. The automaker’s 20-year anniversary of selling quality vehicles in the United States is turning out to be quite the year.

“September capped off the strongest summer selling season for Kia in its 20-year history, and with the launch of two all-new vehicles now underway, we continue to introduce the brand and our outstanding products to new customers who turn to Kia for our world-class quality and design, advanced technology, and tremendous value,” said Michael Sprague, Kia Motors America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Leading the sales charge are the Kia Optima and Soul models. Combined, they account for more than half of Kia’s third quarter sales.

If sales are already up 6.9% year-to-date, we at Kia of Augusta can’t wait to see sales reports at the end of the year, especially since we expect the all-new 2015 Kia Sedona to arrive any day now.

New Kia Soul EV Is All Electric, Making It Shockingly Ecofriendly

The Kia Soul is changing the brand’s reputation by releasing an electric version of the vehicle. The new Soul EV is all electric and gives off zero-emissions, the first car Kia has ever released that does so. Just like the original Soul, the EV is hitting the market showcasing a unique style.

With an already distinct square body with rounded edges, the new version offers two-toned coloring for all models, displaying pops of colors on the roof, rearview mirrors, and trim that frames the vehicle.

On their main website Kia reports that “The battery, electric motor, gear reduction unit and Electric Power Control Unit are mounted low, helping make the handling more stable.” With these key features located in this way, the EV is able to make the cars body even more stable.

“Range depends on the battery’s charge, so many vehicle systems, including braking, heating and cooling, are engineered to preserve or even replenish the system’s energy” says Kia. Charging the car is a breeze, requiring owners to attach the charging cable to a port that is concealed by a cover that slides open for easy access.

Go green and get the Soul EV from Kia of Augusta!