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Kia Soul EV Styling Earns it the Drivers’ Choice Award

As Kia’s first all-electric zero emissions vehicle, the Soul EV was designed to show that going green could be easier (and better-looking) than ever. And it succeeded. The new Soul EV recently won the Drivers’ Choice Award from MotorWeek, one of the industry’s foremost authorities on buyer needs.

So what makes the EV so great? Aside from incredible fuel economy, Kia Soul EV styling is a big factor, according to Kia. Sure, the EV is rated at 105 MPGe, and sure, the EV has 210 lb-ft of torque. But what’s really impressive is that it looks incredibly sporty and modern, taking much of its design from the new standard Soul model.

“As the centerpiece of Kia’s Clean Mobility program, the Soul EV has the best range in its segment, EPA estimated at 93 miles, and it’s been recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for its use of bio-based materials,” said Orth Hedrick, VP of product planning. “MotorWeek’s Best Eco-Friendly Vehicle award is a great honor from a respected source and a powerful endorsement of the Soul EV’s unique blend of range, utility, style and value.”

Aside from looking great, the new model is also designed around comfort. That means more leg room and more space for cargo. Plus, there are four new color choices being offered. With all of these great new features, it’s no wonder the Soul EV was named Drivers’ Choice.

Kia Trail’ster Brings Outdoorsy Spirit to the Chicago Auto Show

Kia has been dropping teaser after hint after teaser for a new concept it would be bringing to the Chicago Auto Show.

The first few details were scarce: all we knew was that the automaker would launch an all-new outdoorsy vehicle based on one of its most popular current models.

Kia then revealed the first image of the concept—a rough-and-tumble version of the Soul compact car—and dropped that it would come an electric AWD powertrain. Needless to say, that raised our eyebrows and got our attention for good at Kia of Augusta.

Finally, the automaker shared yet another image as well as the name of the future vehicle: the Trail’ster. In addition to what we already know, we’ve also learned the Trail’ster would be turbocharged and feature a fully retractable canvas roof.

We finally got to see the Trail’ster in the flesh at last week’s Chicago Auto Show media preview, and we were not disappointed. We can only hope that Kia brings elements of this off-road Soul to its future lineup.

Kia’s Super Bowl Commercial Earns a Spot in AdWeek’s Top Five

When it comes to commercials, there is no bigger stage than the Super Bowl. This year, brands worldwide stepped up their game; from the emotional to the hilarious, the ads (mostly) did not disappoint. Among the top-rated ads was Kia’s Super Bowl commercial, “The Perfect Getaway.”

Ad Week ranks “The Perfect Getaway” as the fourth-best commercial to air during the Super Bowl, a recognition that’s not easy to achieve, thanks to some serious competition. The commercial, which AdWeek calls “perfectly constructed,” pokes fun at Pierce Brosnan and over-the-top Super Bowl ads alike.

In the ad, a director is pitching a commercial idea to Brosnan, who assumes it will be a thriller and not lacking in action. As the pitch happens, Brosnan imagines he’ll be tearing through mountain roads at high-speeds while avoiding snipers, missile launchers, and exploding cabins. Instead, he discovers there “is no mission,” and the commercial features only a leisurely drive through the mountains to an idyllic cabin at the summit.

This is Brosnan, after all, so naturally he does get the girl at the end.

The ad leaves no doubt that the 2016 Kia Sorento can handle just about anything that comes its way, action adventure or not. To learn more about the Sorento and the rest of our capable lineup, stop by Kia of Augusta today!

Elton John’s “All The Hits” Coming to James Brown Arena

Elton John may be getting up there in age but he isn’t done yet; old is gold, after all. On March 10th, 2015, Elton John’s “All The Hits” tour will hit the James Brown Arena. With John Mahon on percussion, Davey Johnstone on guitar, Matt Bissonette on bass, Nigel Olsson on drums, and Kim Bullard on keyboard, Elton John plans to blow the audience away. “We are thrilled to welcome back the incomparable Sir Elton John and His Band to grace the stage again in Augusta, Georgia at the James Brown Arena,” said Global Spectrum General Manager Chris Bird. “With Elton John’s vast repertoire of musical masterpieces, this will be a magical night of hit after hit that will no doubt have the audience on their feet from start to finish!” The tour features music from John’s last 50 years as a musician. Tickets are on sale as of January 23rd.

Elton John began his career in 1969 and has played over 3,500 concerts in more than 80 countries. Awards include five Grammys, a Grammy legend award, a Tony Award, an Oscar, induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Legend of Live award, 12 Ivor Novello Awards, and—possibly the most memorable—knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. He has sold more than 250 million albums globally, and he currently holds the record for bestselling single, Candle in the Wind (1997), which has sold 33 million copies.

Updated Kia SUV Spotted as a Prototype in Germany

If you’re ready for a new Kia Sportage, you’re in luck—we’ve just gotten our first glimpse of the updated Kia SUV and it looks really good. Of course, it’s still wearing some camouflage at this point, but from what we can see of the exterior, the new Sportage is already pretty impressive. We’re excited to see the new model of the Sportage when it hits the market sometime in 2016.

The Kia Sportage will enter its fourth generation with this new model. However, while it will certainly be updated, don’t expect a complete reboot. The Sportage, thanks to its formula of a sporty design and driving experience combined with great practicality and comfort, has been a popular choice in the SUV segment and so Kia plans to keep that formula going forward.

The new Sportage should offer both a gas-powered and diesel engine, both of which will be mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. We’re hoping to see the rest of the exterior—and the interior as well—sometime soon, so come see us at Kia of Augusta for more information!

Kia K900 Named 2015 Urban Car of the Year

2015 Urban Car of the Year

2015 Urban Car of the Year- The Kia K900

When Kia first decided to enter into the premium luxury segment, many people were surprised—until they saw the Korean carmaker’s entry. The 2015 Kia K900 offers a combination of world-class features, premium amenities, and terrific performance, which is why it comes as no surprise that the K900 was recently named the 2015 Urban Car of the Year by Decisive Magazine.

“Since arriving in the U.S. market 20 years ago, the Kia brand has always challenged convention and redefined the notion of what value is,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America. “To be recognized by Decisive Magazine and the Urban Wheel Awards jurors for the Urban Car of the Year Award is an indication that our first foray into the premium luxury segment has the right combination of design, craftsmanship, technology—and value—to be a winner.”

The K900 was chosen as the winner after editors evaluated dozens of new 2015 model year cars in a variety of city settings, examining a combination of performance, comfort, and other features. To see why the K900 sedan came in top place, stop in to Kia of Augusta today!

2016 Kia Sorento is the Future for Kia

Last year was a great year for Kia—the brand overshadowed the auto industry’s 5% growth with US sales up more than 6%. So what lies in the future for Kia? Leading the way will be the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento.

The Sorento was the first Kia model to sell over 100,000 units in a year, and Kia is building on that popularity with some great new changes. But what makes the Sorento stand out is its versatility? Buyers can choose between two- or three-row layouts, and with a slightly longer and lower body, the interior is more spacious than ever.

In addition, the new Sorento sports a sleeker, more aerodynamic design that will help reduce highway wind noise and give it a more upscale look. The upscale feel continues inside with soft-touch materials and finely fitted panels throughout.

Other premium options include heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, four-way adjustable power headrests, a 14-way adjustable power driver’s seat, eight-inch touchscreen with navigation, and a panoramic sunroof. For those who prefer premium sound, you can add the 12-speaker Infinity audio system.

The future of the Kia brand, the 2016 Kia Sorento, will be coming to Kia of Augusta later this year.

Augusta Expressway Construction to Finally End This Month

Good news, Augusta drivers: The expansion of one of Augusta’s biggest interstate highways, the Bobby Jones Expressway, is finally scheduled to be completed sometime in January, after months of delays and additional costs.

Augusta Expressway ConstructionThe project was originally scheduled to be completed by July, according to The Augusta Chronicle, but that date was pushed until December 22nd due to “unforeseen conditions,” before the date would be pushed again past the holidays.

The construction began all the way back in March 2012 with a budget of $29.8 million which would go on to be exceeded by an extra $3 million, fees that have also been chalked up to unforeseen conditions such as the weather.

Now that the construction is nearly complete, the interstate has been widened from four to six lanes, allowing increased space for safe and fluid traffic. Though it was a pain to wait, we at Kia of Augusta are happy to see the Augusta Expressway construction completed.

Reviews for New 2016 Kia Sorento Stay Positive

Since the North American debut of the 2016 Kia Sorento at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month, reviews have been pouring in for the vehicle which will soon finds its way to American dealerships in early 2015.

Critics are praising the South Korean car company for its ambitious strive toward an innovative and effective product, which the 2016 Sorento fits directly in line. The vehicle is being praised for its capabilities on windy roads and in poor weather conditions.

With three different engine options, the 2016 Sorento can be customized to fit anyone’s requirements, whether you’re looking for something simple or something more robust. There’s even an option of a third-row seat for families and those who prefer to travel in groups.

For more information on the new 2016 Kia Sorento as we await the release, keep in touch with us at Kia of Augusta, or come for a visit.

Kia Sorento X-Men Special Edition Set To Intimidate Down Under

This is one car you do not want to mess with. You see it slowly crawling toward you in a dark alley; you shriek and run the other way…unless it’s one of those alleys that dead ends into a brick wall like in movies! Speaking of movies, that’s exactly from where this vehicle draws its inspiration.

Kia created the X-Men Special Edition Sorento to promote the release of the film X-Men: Days of Future Past on DVD and Blu-ray. The automaker is letting fans guess which specific X-Men character likeness the Sorento bears. Their options are: Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, or Mystique. Judging from the pictures released, we here at Kia of Augusta say it’s Wolverine.

To a close-up look at this feat of cinematic-inspired art, you’ll have to catch a flight down under. The Kia Sorento X-Men Special Edition will be onsite at the Australian Open in January, the year’s opening Grand Slam tennis tournament that Kia sponsors.